2021-2022 Enrollment is Here

As another school year comes to a close, Drexel Academy is excited to open enrollment to prospective students for the 2021-2022 school year. Families interested in Preschool through 5th Grade placement for their child should read through our admissions process and submit an application so their children may be entered into our database.  

At Drexel Academy, we take pride in ensuring that our students receive the most thorough education and learning outcomes possible. To achieve this, our faculty and staff provide developmentally-based learning opportunities that help students build interpersonal, social, cognitive and language skills that can be built upon for later success in school and life. Our goal is to ensure that students reach their full potential while simultaneously creating a lifelong love of learning and success throughout their entire life. 

Around 92% of the students are Drexel Academy are at or below the poverty line. In turn, this means that they receive a free or reduced lunch. Our staff and faculty can provide several programs and a high-caliber education to these students who would otherwise be unable to afford it. Upon leaving, many of our elementary students are able to successfully transition to a variety of schools, including KIPP, Cassia Hall, Tulsa School of Arts and Science, Carver or Crossover Prep. 

What is the Application Process? 

All new students interested in joining Drexel Academy must undergo a screening, typically held on Mondays from 3 pm to 5 pm. A new application must be completed for each student. However, it is essential to note that incomplete applications cannot be accepted, and any incomplete information fields may prevent a student from being enrolled in Drexel Academy. For this reason, we encourage parents or guardians to double-check application information for accuracy before it is submitted. 

Drexel Academy also currently maintains waitlists that are reset at the start of each new enrollment period. This means that any child who was previously on a waiting list from the previous year will not be automatically placed on the new waiting list for the following term. Any parent who cannot get their child enrolled at the current time can request placement on this list. Although, not all submitted applications will guarantee a spot at Drexel Academy due to a focus on smaller class sizes – more specifically, a 15:1 Student/Teacher ratio. 

Why Choose Drexel Academy?

Drexel Academy is built on a platform of holistic learning. We're creating mindful, caring leaders who want to make a difference and be the difference in others' lives. This takes the support and involvement of every student's family. Our teachers focus on several key factors that are proven to provide students with a more well-rounded educational experience, including literacy, family engagement, mission-oriented staff, and a 15:1 Student/Teacher ratio.