Drexel Academy Elementary

Elementary students and teacher waving

Drexel Academy's Elementary program is everything that parents expect and more. Our teachers and staff are committed to providing a culture of positivity and care that allows each of our students to reach their full potential while developing the skills necessary to establish a love for lifelong learning and success throughout life. Drexel Academy's Elementary teachers provide extraordinary learning opportunities using unique, proven curriculum models that emphasize education and community involvement whenever possible. By focusing on more than just instruction, Drexel Academy's elementary program can create compassionate leaders that want to support their communities.

Our teachers make one-on-one education a priority whenever possible. This unique approach improves educational outcomes for our students and helps Drexel Academy maintain low turnover rates among students.

We are constantly striving for balanced growth among our students – intellectually, socially, ethically and physically. To achieve this, our students are given a proper education that extends beyond textbooks, ensuring they receive the social and emotional care needed to thrive in both school and life. This approach has helped establish Drexel Academy as a trusted Elementary school for the children of Tulsa.

Each Elementary student takes part in character-based Elementary education programs that help develop the skills and perspective needed to make the most of any opportunities they may be given in life. Our primary goal is to ensure that each student, and their parents, feel empowered to make education and community involvement a priority at all times. Drexel Academy administers education programs to all prospective students without regard to color, race, religion, sex, physical disability or ethnic origin. For more information about what to expect from our Elementary program, or the requirements needed to apply, we encourage parents to contact us. 

Why Choose Drexel Academy for Elementary?

Drexel Academy is creating mindful, caring leaders who want to make a difference and be the difference in others' lives. This takes the support and involvement of every student's family. Our teachers focus on several key factors that are proven to provide students with a more well-rounded educational experience, including literacy, family engagement, mission-oriented staff, longer school days 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and smaller classroom sizes with a 15:1 Student/Teacher ratio.