About Drexel Academy

Drexel was formed in 2016. We started with two grades totaling 35 students. Each year since then we've added an additional grade. Today, we are at full capacity with 100 students in grades Pre-K to 5th, and we have a waiting list of parents eager to enroll their children in the school.

Our objective is to provide a high quality education for underserved children.

A large majority of our students are at or below the poverty line and receive free or reduced lunch. We are able to provide several programs and a high caliber education to these students that they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. In addition to academics, we have several programs for our children, including entrepreneurship class, boy and girl scouts, writing class with a college professor, karate and others. In last year's 5th grade graduated class, 87% tested at or above proficiency level. Many transitioned to schools such as Cassia Halls, KIPP, Crossover Prep, Tulsa School of Arts and Science and Carver; all because of people like you who believed in our boys and girls.

This is just the beginning! We can continue to give our children the very best educational experience with your help.

Would you consider sponsoring a student this school year?

$11,500 or more covers a student for a year
$1,150 or more covers a student for a month
$319 or more covers a student for a week

Your gift, no matter how small, can help a boy or girl today!
Join us on the mission to better serve the community by serving our future leader, dreamers and learners.

"It focuses more on the learning that the other school I was at."
- Drexel 5th Grader

"We get out at 5:00 so there's more time to learn."
- Drexel 4th Grader