Drexel Academy Accreditation

Drexel Academy is Cognia Advanced Education Accredited and Guide Star Platinum Certified. Becoming accredited through these organizations reaffirms our students' quality of education is on par with some of the best educational institutions nationwide. Obtaining certification is just another testament to the outstanding work that our staff and faculty have provided to the wonderful families that we serve within the Tulsa area.

Cognia Accredited

Cognia Accreditation

Cognia guides educational institutions in the pursuit of excellence with research-based standards and evidence-based criteria. To achieve accreditation, all policies, programs, practices, cultural context, and learning conditions are evaluated to carry out an institution's vision and accurately fulfill each student's needs.

2019 Platinum Seal of Transparency

GuideStar Platinum Certification

GuideStar for Education provides qualified academic researchers, instructors and students at non-profit institutions with discounted or complimentary access to their data of information on more than 2.5 million non-profit organizations. This information provides valuable insight to help make informed decisions. 

Why Does Accreditation Matter?

Students of Drexel Academy benefit from our institution and educational system's commitment to raise student performance and enhance accountability. At the same time, parents can confidently decide where their child's education will be provided. Knowing that the school has achieved accreditation through Cognia and certification through Gold Star Platinum opens new growth and learning opportunities that may have otherwise been unavailable.

In addition to these key benefits, the process required for receiving accreditation also helps teachers critically evaluate teaching and learning, emphasizing maintaining academic excellence. All the necessary guidelines set forth by the accrediting body must be met or exceeded to achieve accreditation and certification. Drexel Academy takes pride in the support our staff and faculty have provided to maintain these standards and adjust to the changing educational landscape at all times.

Why Choose Drexel Academy?

Drexel Academy is built on a platform of holistic learning. We're creating mindful, caring leaders who want to make a difference and be the difference in others' lives. This takes the support and involvement of every student's family. Our teachers focus on several key factors that are proven to provide students with a more well-rounded educational experience, including literacy, family engagement, mission-oriented staff, longer school days 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and smaller classroom sizes with a 15:1 Student/Teacher ratio.