Apply To Drexel Academy

teacher and student discussing history

Drexel Academy believes that all children can learn, and we take an individualized approach to each student's development. All new students must complete a screening, held Mondays from 3-5 pm.

An application must be completed for each student who is applying to attend Drexel Academy. Parents will be required to complete each section; however, incomplete applications cannot be entered into the database. If an incomplete application is submitted, it may prevent a student from being enrolled at Drexel Academy.

Waiting lists are currently "reset" each year. This means that if your child were on a waiting list the previous year, they would not automatically be placed on the list again for the following term. Please understand that not all prospective students' applications will guarantee a spot at Drexel Academy due to a focus on 15:1 Student/Teacher Ratios.