Drexel Academy Facilities

Elementary School buildings are often the setting of a student's first four to eight years of formal education. Drexel Academy is constantly working on improving our facilities to meet the changing educational landscape and ensure that students have the best opportunities for success. This means fitting each classroom with the technologies and instructors needed to make a positive and safe learning environment for our students and families.

Drexel Academy has created an elementary facility that is conducive to modern learning in Tulsa, OK. Each classroom has the resources needed to ensure students receive a quality, holistic education from Pre-K to 5th Grade.

Drexel Academy facilities are also conveniently located off of the Gilcrease Expressway on 36th Street North – providing a central location for many families looking for a quality elementary education for their children.

In 2019, Drexel Academy received a brand new playground thanks to Kaboom!, QuikTrip and several volunteers. Our students still enjoy having a place that allows them to play and they love going outside. Seeing the Tulsa community come together to improve our facilities further was such a beautiful sight.

We look forward to expanding educational opportunities through future improvements to our facilities with the continued help from the community and business leaders. Let's mold the minds of Tulsa's future together!

Want to Help Improve or Maintain Our Facilities?

Drexel Academy is funded through grants, major gifts, and personal donations from Tulsa community members. Your donation can help give Drexel students the solid foundation they need for personal and academic success. Without the support of our surrounding community members and generous donors just like you, we would not be able to provide quality educational opportunities to our students.

If you would like to help Drexel Academy improve or maintain our facilities, please consider donating. Not only will you ensure that our community has the educational options needed to support elementary-level students, but you will also be actively taking part in molding the minds of our future. We thank you for your continued support and looking forward to a bright future!