Frequently Asked Questions

What students are eligible to apply for Drexel Academy?

Our mission serves boys and girls that reside in the north Tulsa community. This includes areas North of I-244 up to Turley, East as far as Tulsa International Airport, and West as far as Sand springs.

What makes Drexel Academy’s Preschool different?

At Drexel Academy, we know that it is our job to nurture growing minds. To help ensure the best learning outcome possible, our Preschool teachers provide developmentally-based learning opportunities for students that help build social, interpersonal, cognitive and language skills that will establish a foundation for later success in school and life.

What makes Drexel Academy’s Elementary different?

Drexel Academy's Elementary program is everything that parents expect and more. Our teachers and staff are committed to providing a culture of positivity and care that allows each of our students to reach their full potential while developing the skills necessary to establish a love for lifelong learning and success throughout life.

What is the Kidpreneur program?

Drexel Academy's Kidpreneur program helps teach the basics of sound money management while also encouraging creativity as students create their own businesses. We believe it is never too early to teach children the importance of entrepreneurial skills and the rewards associated with them.

What is a Self-Organized Learning Environment (SOLE)?

Unlike traditional teaching that requires students to retain information through instruction, SOLE asks exciting questions that let students work out their own answers. Students are then allowed to pursue their academic interests, stretching their comprehension of information that may have been too difficult for them.

How is Drexel Academy funded?

Drexel is funded through grants, major gifts and through personal donations from members of the Tulsa community. Your donation can help give Drexel students the solid foundation they need.

How can I enroll my child at Drexel Academy?

An application must be completed for each student who is applying to attend Drexel Academy. Parents will be required to complete each section. Please understand that not all prospective students' applications will guarantee a spot at Drexel Academy due to a focus on 15:1 Student/Teacher Ratios.

My child was on last year’s waiting list. Do I need to reapply?

Waiting lists are currently "reset" each year. This means that if your child was on a waiting list the previous year, they would not automatically be placed on the list again for the following term.