Drexel Academy Preschool

Happy Preschool children holding pictures

At Drexel Academy, we know that it is our job to nurture growing minds. To help ensure the best learning outcome possible, our teachers provide developmentally-based learning opportunities for students that help build social, interpersonal, cognitive and language skills that will establish a foundation for later success in school and life. We celebrate independent thinking, self-expression, individual worth and creativity to further enhance our students' growth. In fact, this approach is at the core of what makes Drexel Academy’s Preschool program so effective.

Drexel Academy prides itself on providing the appropriate levels of one-on-one support to Preschool students, and we also pride ourselves on having low turnover rates. All this is accomplished despite a competitive application process that results in full classrooms consistently.

From their earliest learning experiences, our Preschool students have a proper education that is more than just a pursuit of academics; they also receive the social and emotional care that can only be achieved beyond textbooks. That is what makes Drexel Academy's Preschool different from other educational institutions in Tulsa.

Each student that takes part in our character-based preschool education programs will gain the skills and perspective needed to make the most of any opportunity that might come their way. Our goal is to ensure that each student, and their parents, feel empowered to make education and community involvement a priority instead of an afterthought – even at an early age. Drexel Academy's Preschool curriculum achieves this by focusing on reading, writing, phonics, art, mathematics and much more. For more information about what to expect from our Preschool program, or the requirements needed to apply, we encourage parents to contact us.

Why Choose Drexel Academy for Preschool?

Drexel Academy is built on a platform of holistic learning. We're creating mindful, caring leaders who want to make a difference and be the difference in others' lives. This takes the support and involvement of every student's family. Our teachers focus on several key factors that are proven to provide students with a more well-rounded educational experience, including literacy, family engagement, mission-oriented staff, longer school days 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and smaller classroom sizes with a 15:1 Student/Teacher ratio.